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[VIGAN] ► ILOCOS SUR: First, let's understand that the Miss Universe event in Vigan invloved several sectors of our locality including private organizations so the success (and failure, if there is) of the event reflects the performance of all the sectors, not just Vigan. 

So without too much ado, as a legit Bigueño who've been documenting the different events here both in writing and in digital media (photos, graphics and videos), here's my honest review of how these sectors handled this Miss Universe event in my capacity as a citizen observer.

The Advisories

The advisories released by Vigan City LGU were timely and there was no better way to spread the news other than using the social media—thanks to social media pages of popular new websites, bloggers and social media influencers who immediately picked up the advisory to inform everyone.

The liquor and gun ban was a winner! While I was browsing some popular pageant websites, I've read raves from pageant forumers around the world (foreigners) about the actions imposed by the city government. They indeed admired how the city ensured the security of the candidates.

Traffic Management

On the traffic management, the blue boys of our streets did a great job in maintaining an orderly traffic! Motorists and car owners were well-informed of the traffic route. In fact, there was a dry-run of the traffic route implemented. An advisory of the traffic route was also released prior.

Crowd Control

The Vigan officers were dressed in white long-sleeved polo. They looked so different you'd think they're not officers of the Vigan PNP. They strictly enforced the rules and kept the Miss Universe-crazy crowd in their rightful place.

Obviously, Plaza Burgos was not enough to contain all the fans so big screens were prepared to allow the other audience watch live on screen as it happens.

People's Discipline

The discipline of the people was just astounding. No one brought bags and bottles. No one wore a cap. The advisory prohibiting the possession of the things aforementioned was well-followed by the fans. Also, no one attempted to take a selfie with the candidates.


The Miss Universe in Vigan may only happen once in our lifetime so I would say it was just right that the preparation was overdone than not being prepared at all.

Indeed, the Miss Universe girls were not just the stars that day, Vigan, too, as the city showed its beauty and the discipline of its people to the world, the universe rather.

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