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[VIGAN] ► ILOCOS SUR: The Sitio FoodPark is Vigan's most popular restaurant/food park to rise this year (2017) with its claim as the first urban food park in Northern Luzon. It opened sometime in April and it is located in Barangay Tamag, Vigan City.

Here's a list of reasons why you should try the Sitio FoodPark. While some guests are not happy with some of the things they encountered inside this food park, this article aims to highlight the positive characters of this place depending on the needs of the guest. Let's start.

1. It's Trendy and Millennial-Friendly

If you're looking for an intagrammable or social-media catchy food hub in Vigan, Sitio FoodPark is a nice option. Get ready with your smartphones and flaunt your best pouting-mouth-selfie with the cool setting of the place. For Vigan standard, the setting is unique and obviously, it's setting a new trend in Vigan—a criterion for Ilocano millennials. Let your selfie slay!

2. Both Al Fresco and Indoor Dining Guaranteed

So you want to stay indoor when dining? No problem. You got the options here. However, this food park seemed to be designed to be more on al fresco or the outdoor type. So if you love dining out, this place is for you. Order your favorite beverage and food and enjoy the fresh air—this food park is away from the busy business district of Vigan. Chill, kid!

3. It Has a Wide Variety of Food Choices

You want some Ilocano flavors? They have it. How about Indian? No problem. If you like some Western dishes too, they got your back. Some complained of its expensive food though but the market of this food park is obviously, for those who can afford it. So if you are a foodie who has the budget to spend some bucks for a variety of food, go show 'em what you got! 👌

4. It Has Nightly Musical Shows

Millennials and non-millennials with love for live musical band performances will surely become happy for this. Sitio Food Park has nightly live performances to meet the demands of music-loving foodies—or just for people who just love music.

5. It Has a Wide Parking Space

Wanna bring your besties, family or neighbors? Drive that car and worry not for the parking area. You might also want to organize your field trip and take the bus? They got a space for you. Don't dare challenge their space. 😅

Above are some reason why try the Sitio FoodPark. Do you have some more reasons in mind? Share them in the comment section below. :)

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