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[NARVACAN] ► ILOCOS SUR: The town of Narvacan is known for its bagnet and as the gateway to the province of Abra. People who travel frequently to and from Abra would regard this highland trail as an ordinary thing, like nothing special. Speaking of highland trail, I'm referring to the Narvacan segment of the Ilocos Sur-Abra National Road (a road connecting the provinces of Ilocos Sur and Abra, as the name implies).

For individuals who would like to appreciate and unearth the beauty of places we usually consider ordinary as locals (since we see these places everyday as part of our daily lives), here is a list of five (5) reasons why visit this highland trail in Narvacan. Let's label this place from a different perspective or point of view.

1. It has a breathtaking mountain view.
[NARVACAN] ► Narvacan has its own version of a highland landscape that changes in apperance from dry to wet seasons.

For individuals yearning for a relaxing mountain view away from the busy downtowns of Ilocos towns and districts, this is a great option—like a great, cheap, nearby option.

You don't need to travel to Cervantes or Suyo just to experience the Ilocos mountain ranges, because Narvacan's segment of the Ilocos Sur-Abra road seems to be the most practical option due to its accessibility. The breathtaking mountain landscape changes from season to season. Go! Unearth your appreciation of mountains!

2. It's very accessible.

[NARVACAN] ► The Ilocos Sur-Abra Road can easily be accessed from the Narvacan Junction.

Its accessibility is an advantage. You could reach the trail for like an instant from the Maharlika Highway at the Narvacan Junction. There's no reason to back out, because it's near the doorsteps of Ilocos Sur's lowland towns!

Go get your car, motorbike, or even your tricycle! It's 30 minutes away from Vigan or Candon—a quick fix for your relaxing mountain view cravings without the need for a full gas tank!

3. It's a safe highland road. Well-paved.
[NARVACAN] ► This segment of the Ilocos Sur-Abra Road is well-maintained.

It may not be the most perfect road, but I would say it's well-maintained and well-managed. Although there are series of high cliffs along the snaking pavement, concrete road blocks are reliable (unless you are the careless driver, in which case, that would be your fault).

Go enjoy the winding trail without worrying for humps and bumps!

4. It's a peaceful place to reflect.
[NARVACAN] ► Do you need silence and space?

So you need a peaceful place to reflect without the tourist crowd of Vigan or away from the traffic jam of Candon? This portion of the Ilocos Sur-Abra Road would be a great silent option. Aside from the occasional buses and vehicles, the rest would be a relaxing sound of silence.

It would be best to visit this trail in the morning or late in the afternoon for sunset-viewing.

5. It's one of the best vantage points to view the Bantay Abut and the Sulvec Bay.
[NARVACAN] ► The Bantay Abut is an iconic landmark in Narvacan.

In terms of accessibility, the Ilocos Sur-Abra Road is the best option to view the Bantay Abut and the Sulvec Bay. Unleash your hidden admiration for Narvacan, because it is indeed a charming  admirable municipality with beautiful landscapes and wonders.

Find your place and view the sunset unfolding over the horizon!

► What's your take about this place in Narvacan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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